William Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth 1st

What you are about to read is the conclusion into my research into the man himself. It's very different to the man academic historians believe him to be. Probably why a Hollywood movie has the basis to the plot that William didn't write anything at all.





WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE is the greatest writer ever. Recently voted Man of the Millennium and also seen by some as some sort of God. His complete works have been translated into just about any language anyone can think of. All the plays are regularly performed. Children learn about his works and then tested as though they are an essential part of modern life. Politicians of both right and left can use him, the Gay movement can too! Nearly all of the world is Shakespeare mad and subsequently quotes Will. Most of the population might not even realise it has even spoken one of his lines or words. People even say they can’t stand Shakespeare, yet still quote him unaware that they did. Have you ever got into a pickle or got tongue-tied. Both are quotes from Will’s plays! Do you see what I mean? NO? Then I will show you how the English language is greatly increased by his Works and words we all use, first came to life from Shakespeare’s use of them. I intend to prove to you however he would probably fail an English examination. Proof will be found that he did not know his Right from his Left, he personally wasn’t Gay, though he helped out someone who was, and how funny the things he wrote are!
I remember thinking, when I was young, that the phrase “What the Dickens” originated with Charles Dickens. How wrong can you be? Well, when it comes to Will’s life, VERY is the answer for most historians. The First Folio, the name given to a collection of plays printed after his death, despite changing the world, since it was published over 370 years ago, can be carried around in a modest sized book now or on a CD ROM. Apart from some signatures and some very dubious poems, plus other minor things, it is all Shakespeare ever wrote. University trained experts say that this much documentary evidence about him is not enough. So to them, I will find evidence not only in the plays and poems, but pictures and documents that I have re-examined. In doing these things, it will reveal how academics have got into another of his pickles! You could easily imagine Monty Python performed deadly serious in 400 years time, if the only thing that was left was a badly torn script. Academics trying to compare it with a Mills and Boom romance, also wondering why someone keeps saying “It’s an ex parrot.” This is of course extreme and yet holds a ring of truth over William’s work.
Presentation is everything in the modern world, very rarely talent. You will learn in the following pages, why a new Shakespeare wouldn’t finish up in Hollywood as some believe. Not one publisher would touch a play, which was written like his. No one would act them. Some his style poetry may get published, yet very unlikely to be done by commercial firms. Yet why would Will have to put in more to make his work publishable, if he was writing today?
Read on and discover why Will’s works are still used. Are they really good plays? Or is it because there are no defined characters, which enable producers or actors to change as they like and there is almost no-one to say that's wrong?
I will be debunking many myths. Detective work will establish that each play does have defined people, who may be different to those we are used to. The best tool I’ll use, careful reading of the plays!
What would Shakespeare make of these modern productions, if anyone can tear apart them by careful investigative reading? Incredibly many people think he would have not have given a monkeys! They believe that William did not write the plays and poems. Actually one man thinks he can’t even read never mind write! Humbug as dickens wrote. Apart from that idiot, I don’t blame people saying that, when the vast majority were printed after his death and we don’t appear to have no hand written pieces. It does push things a bit far, making it hard for us to believe that the Stratford gent put a quill pen to paper. When it comes to his works many think that Francis Bacon, Edward de Vere (Earl of Oxford), Christopher Marlowe wrote all or at least some of the works. The one thing they can’t disprove is that William Shakespeare wasn’t a real man. Though many would like to, I imagine. Theories abound how each one of the did it, except theories also exists on how Will did them and the trouble is that you can shoot holes through the lot of them. Not one solid explanation exists. Till now!

The problem is you have to know ALL the questions that have never been answered by anyone who has written or said anything about William Shakespeare’s Works. And if Will is a God, then these are his TEN questions to us!

1. Why did it take the actors seven years after William's death to bring out the Complete Works?
2. Why did none of William's fellow actors get any written scripts from him?
3. Why did Shakespeare leave no scripts or any books in his will?
4. Why do many of the plays praise the Tudor family and yet NO recognition from Queen Elizabeth?
5. Why did James Stuart support the actors and yet William seems to have wrote nothing about him?
6. Why has Shakespeare’s grave no recognition on it and was it like when first done?
7. Are there any paintings of William and his wife?
8. How did Shakespeare become an actor?
9. What are the Sonnets?
The last question, who wrote each play and the poems, has been attempted, more often by not Will supporters, but because the other questions were never answered this has been everyone’s stumbling block. I Graham Appleyard, as I did with Elizabeth and Mary Stuart, will blow away many theories, make fools of others efforts. But it’s not all bad news for academics. This book will also reveal history that historians have never been able to access and take ages to sort out. It will also shock those whose descent has been taken for granted far too long. And My work will answer all ten Questions and show that not one person, but three people are connected in the Complete Works of Shakespeare and that each person can be identify as to who they were, who wrote what and who wanted to be anonymous.
All those people who have now gone into shock or are pleased that future publishers will have to refer to the ‘Works’ without printing Shakespeare’s name on them are sadly mistaken, as are the followers of Bacon, Marlowe and Oxford. Stratfordians (followers of William) can relax! He did write them, but not always from his own words, for another person is involved and then again someone else who signs herself :


Piece by Piece

With the main title you might expect this to be a new biography of William Shakespeare and indeed it sort of is, with the exception I can’t put it in order of his life basically. The reason is that the standard way of delivering a biography is very difficult to do in Shakespeare’s case. Not that it couldn’t be done like that and indeed I may rewrite this at some later date as a standard you know what. As your probably reading this because you have picked up some information about the Bard, or and maybe know all you think you know about him, your probably not reading it as a biography anyway. So that’s sort of alright. If on the other hand you want a full biography, being new to Shakespeare, then this is sort of the wrong thing to start with, though I recommend reading this after reading such a book. The trouble is that if I did a biography like that now, most of you would be saying that’s jumping to a conclusion, within a few chapters of reading it, if you have read an academic type. So this as facilitated into doing it in a research style.
If truth be told this is more of an exploration into William Shakespeare. That makes him sound like to quote him an ‘undiscovered country’. Yet that’s what he is. Reading this you’re going to get lost, for I certainly did in writing it, as we weave about his life filling in the explored and unexplored areas of the Shakespearean world. Don’t let that put you off reading my work, for it is this lost feeling that will make you want to know more. Being by me I’m not worried by being controversial in my approach to history. I like to recognize a person from an historical commentary on them. If I can I except the information presented to me. With Shakespeare I just didn’t, almost straight away.
HYPE, SPIN and all the rest come to mind. Highly acclaimed people have created this stuff about him. The type of people who condemn it and never would create it in the first place; however it still nevertheless is fabricated rubbish. When people talk about these words hype and spin, they know they are used to manipulate people or a person in some way. The trouble is that with the Shakespeare manipulation, it just confuses everyone. It’s not done to have power over the truth. For the truth is (in this case) NOT out there. If it were, then these clever people would publish it. There’s nothing to hide, if there was you wouldn’t be reading this now.
Although the hype and the rest, includes: patriotism, a sense of being English, greatness of writing, foundation stones of the English language, acting traditions and a humble man. It also takes out the seedier side of life. Yet none of these are recent creations about the Bard. Moreover this falsehood takes away things like chance, the lucky break, or even the stupid mistake and the deliberate lie.
Read on with the hype cast aside and real life brought back, as we see the real William Shakespeare found in the following…

The rest of the chapters will be found on individual posts on this blog. There will be at least 8 chapters. Also this is not fully finished on some of the chapters. I like to add things as I find out something wonderful about this story.


You can download the story, which will give you an insight into all my findings in a quick way, with added images from the link above.

This video has been specially prepared by me to illustrate how Shakespeare managed to write the plays coming from a humble background. It's best to watch it in HD and full screen as you can see the notes better that illustrate the narrated text. Pause it if the notes go by too quick! It's based on the above text, but it has been slightly altered to make it read better by the computer generated voice that does the text. Incidentally these voices are ideal for proof reading any text you have written.    


The Real Queen Elizabeth 1st

In this section we will discover what Queen Elizabeth was really like, some of which are hinted at above. We will also find out her dealings with Mary Stuart The Queen of Scots.

At last you can now read my first full book! Sorry for any grammatical errors. I did get a few people to check through it before issuing it, but since there was no money to pay anyone and none used were professional proof-readers, errors were bound to happen. If anyone who has this kind of training and who would like to do it for free then please get in touch. 
Yes I do know about the word "incite" on the front cover! However at the moment correcting it has caused the entire document to go loopy on the old Desk Top Publisher that was used on the book. Since the software is no longer made and crashes a lot, getting a new revised edition up on the blog is a big problem. Anyway enjoy - warts and all!!! It's free after all....  


I recomend reading the above ShyQueen book before following the Shakespeare story.

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