Top 100 Best Selling Singles.

These charts are now a fixed feature of our blog site. With each week that we register sales for, when records that have sold over 250K and drop out of the chart they will be added on to a chart of the year. A current year chart will not appear until 100 records have fallen out of the chart. Unless the number one top seller changes the current year chart will be then updated once a month. The updating chart does not include any records that are still in the charts that have sold over 250K. Or any records that have returned to the current top 100 that also feature in the updating Year chart. They have also not had any current sales added and don't till the end of the year or until they drop out. Then at the year end a full chart will appear.
2017 Best Selling Singles
The full chart of 2017 follows below. It features only those records that have sold over 250K. Any records that appear in green are the left over records from 2016, though only 2017 sales are recorded. Records shown coloured Magenta are still in the chart on the 24 December 2017. If they have both colours the record entered in 2016 and was still in the chart at the year end, though any that do so will have fallen out of the 100 during the course of the year.
Compared to 2016 sales seem to have increased in the top 100. But when you look at the number of million sellers, the figure has fallen to just 31 from 38. Plus there are only 182 records selling 250,000 this year, a fall of seven compared to last year.
What is interesting is the Ed Sheeran only just outsold Luis Fonsi, but they took a much shorter time period to achieve the sales. At the moment Ed is still outselling them, but wherever he continues to do so is now a question of time.
The rest of the best seller chart can be found in the PDF of the year on This Week's Chart page.

2016 Best Selling Singles
 The final chart of the year for 2016 is below. It contains all the records that have dropped out this year, it is bigger than that and extends to 189. This further part is available as part of the PDF of the year. See This Week's Chart Page.
Compared with 2015 there are two more million sellers than last year, but both are from records left over from 2015. As far as the others are concerned the totals for those already dropped out and those that are still in the chart are the same as 2015. There is also one less two million seller compared to 2015. The bottom of the 100 is lower than last time too. However it only falls off when you get past 90. So the decline is only small. The rest of the best seller list drops down to 189. The same as last year! As always we take it down to any record that has sold 250,000 or more.
The higher sales level does however contradict what the Official Charts Company is saying about downloads and physical sales being in steep decline. As always the Record Industry are a bunch of liars. And should be ignored!!!... 
With no streaming in the chart, Drake falls from the top of the chart to seven and the Real Chart best seller is Calum Scott.

2015 Best Selling Singles
The full best sellers for 2015!  
Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars with Uptown Funk. originally entered in 2014, but as it still has not dropped out it easily becomes the best seller for this year. It's total sales amount to 3,242K as of 20 December 2015. Altogether 36 tracks sold a million copies easily beating last year's 25. But this has come at the expense of those that sold smaller amounts as the grand total of records selling more the 250,000 has fallen from 198 to 189. The bottom of the 100 is also up slightly as it only took 490K to hit the target last year. But do these figures actually show a decrease in record sales for the year? I actually can't say from these figures. What it does show is that if you can stay in the chart for a long time you can easily pass the million selling mark, but then you would with 30K sales a week and 40 plus weeks on the chart. You could say that the best seller of 2015 that was released in that year was Ellie Goulding. Looking at the current charts and those produced by the OCC you would think the top artist of the year was Justin Bieber! However he limps in at just 33 with sales for just 17 weeks in the charts. If you compare him to Adele's track at 24, she has done that amount of sales in just 9 weeks. The person that really has really done well is Taylor Swift. Is that because she has kept her music away from the streaming sites? 
You can see the rest of the best sellers on the PDF below.

2014 Best Selling Singles

This is the fully updated chart of the year. This year's chart is 198 records strong and if you compare it with the 2013 chart below you can see that sales are up. Several records will cross over into 2015 that started life in the 2013 charts, these are indicated by the use of two colours. Pharrell's grand total is 3,317K and there looks no sign of him dropping out early in 2015. The Idina Menzel track despite never getting higher than number 7 is still selling well and as accumulated in total 2,069K. 
However these kinds of tracks are the exceptions to the rule, since most of these acts failed to follow up these records with top ten hits. It doesn't take a genius to work out the top selling acts that year were three male singers. In the form of Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and George Ezra.

The rest of the chart can be viewed along with all the top 100 charts of the year in the PDF file below.

2013 Best Selling Singles
The chart below is the final update for 2013.
Though sales look healthy with 27 records passing over a million sales, they are actually down when compared to 2012. Though you might think by not much since the best sellers last year had 28 million sellers. It's not until you get lower down that the fall off bites in. For in 2012 the figure for the 100 slot was twice what it is this year. As the best seller charts include all records that sell 250K (while in the charts) it extends down to a total of 193 records. However last year that figure was 205.
So what can we make of this? It could be that a lot more records are entering the charts, which means that records hang around for shorty times never making the 250K needed to make the chart. It's likely that if you have a big hit you will sell a lot of copies and stay around a long time, with the added benefit of Now That's What I Call Music adding to your continuing run. But even those, as can be seen, haven't done that well. There are two records that have sold 2 million records each, with a third from Passenger which will get that in the new year. But there were two last year, so even that is not extraordinary.
As with all these best selling charts they are compiled by me from the chart each week. They can therefore contain errors. Especially those that keep returning to the chart. I can therefore miss a track which might just slip over the threshold to make the chart. These errors are my fault alone and are nothing to do with the Compilers. If I come across them the chart will be updated. 
The full list can be found on the PDF file below.

2012 Best Selling Tracks


These are the top 100 best sellers for 2012. If you compare it with last year then there are 3 less million sellers tracks to make the chart, plus also at the bottom of the 100 it is 22,000 less than last year. This probably represents the loss in sales whereby the 40K section of each week's chart stopped inside the top 40 instead of outside it like last year. It's not all bad news sales wise as we now have 205 records that passed over the 250K mark. This compares to only 197 in 2011. You can see the rest of the 205 records in the full year PDF below. Another fact is there are more of 2011 remains of sales, than there were 2010 sales in 2011 best sellers. Again reflecting the slide in sales this year. Meaning it was harder for this year's crop of best sellers to push out the left overs. Current chart hits are also less than in the 2011 chart. Showing that things have not improved sales wise. 

Best Sellers 2010

Full Top 100 Best Sellers 2011
These are the best selling discs in total for 2011. As you can see this has been a good year for Adele holding both the top and runner up spots, plus a few lower down. She has also gone past the two million sales mark with both tracks and both are still selling well. But it's been a good year for million sellers with 31, compared to last year when there was just 24! It was a little harder to make this year's 100 as you had to sell an extra 34K to make just 100. However things are not as rosy overall. For the exclusive club of selling over 250K has increased by just one record this year to 197 tracks in total!! It seems if you have a big hit now you will sell a great deal of them. You can put this down to the download market. This may mean your track is not deleted, but it doesn't allow new material and acts to have small scale sellers of old. One only needs to look at the sales of records that were falling off the chart, quickly picking up the pace of selling again when the artist bring out the album that features the track. But the worse culprit of the lot is the Now album. Each one of these has the same popular records fill up the 100 charts (displayed on download sellers charts) so much so that a 100 chart can contain only 60 tracks, the rest being duplicates. Then this year I-Tunes decided to sell many ex top 40 tracks at just 59p. So the 99p new tracks were left in the computer vaults of these sellers. If you couple this with the fact that the days are gone when an album release would kill off the sales of the single. So in 2011 thanks to the above if you made the top four on the chart it became a lot easier to sell a million. Whilst selling a quarter to half a million records was a lot harder.  
As before this chart is compiled by me and not the compilers who do each weekly chart. It does NOT include the sales whilst any record was outside the top 100. If any record returned to the chart those sales are added on.
The green coloured records are the remains of the sales from records that entered in 2010. The Red coloured ones records that are still in the chart at the end of the year.
The full charts and all 197 best sellers, plus list of drop outs and highest positions and weeks can be found as a PDF on the (Playlist) Chart Page.

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