The 1960's Charts

I'm now able to post some of the Real Charts from the 1960's. But first the very first top 100 chart from 1960 has been moved from the Classic Chart's page to here.
First I must explain that the gaps in the highest position, weeks are there because the previous charts have not been sorted out yet. The only sales attached are those of this chart in the first column, which are pretty low considering it's two weeks of sales. But of course it is the Christmas week's chart and this isn't the download age! So no buying of gift tokens!!! Again I should point out that some of the new entries might be returning records, due to the previous charts not being sorted out. Though I suspect the Christmas tracks are new! Nothing of course dropped out of the top 40, so they are all there. The compilers say that they did try to introduce a top 100 before this date. But they had problems with sales at the lower end being affected by the low levels of sales. A single shop could account for the sales of one record, which if it wasn't supplied well would see the record bouncing in a out of the 100! With the end of the 78RPM insight, many record companies stopped making them around this point! Shops had more room to stock singles. So by the end of 1959 the bounce effect had stopped. So with a new decade the top 100 was born! Lots of EP's in the chart, some of which contain the tracks that are listed as separate singles by the same artist. This practise is no longer allowed, but as the EP were very much separate things with "glossy picture covers" as compared with a paper sleeve of a single, plus the price was a lot greater they were considered stand alone items then. As you can see from the many duplicated songs, that the practise of artists being given a record to sing which came from the music publishers offices was still in full effect. Also the record companies don't seem to wait to bring out a new song by an artist who's only just released a song. The record companies don't seem to be concerned that a new song by the artist would kill off the sales of the other record by the same artist. Though the Real Chart doesn't list record labels, some of these tracks are known to be on the Embassy Label. In which case these were only sold at Woolworth's, as it was their own label. These records were covers of known hit singles sold cheaper than the normal ones. Although these type of records are not now excluded from the Real Chart, they don't tend to feature these days as people think they are rip-offs. However back then, apart from some big name stars, there was less of an attitude when it came to the worship of artists. And a lot of people would simply like "a song" and didn't care who sang it. So the people buying the Embassy records did not feel ripped off. Indeed fans of say Cliff Richard, might buy both his and the cover version because they liked the song.  So they are in the Real Chart. Actually some of these cover artists were very good and people would buy them as though they were stars!

More 60's charts now...

For the time being these will be from the second half of the 60's. This is due to the fact that it wasn't till late 62 or 63 that records went weekly for release. Prior to that date all records were released in the first two weeks of each new month, mostly on the first week. Finding out new release information, essential when making up each chart, is a problem for me. I generally use the 45 Cat website to get the Artist names and titles of the records. A search on that site will produce a list of every record that is released in the UK, for any given month for the early 60's. But due to a technical issue, probably to when the site was first launched, a size limit is placed on the total results. As it stands at the moment there is a 100 record maximum on each search. I feel for certain that by 1960 more then 100 records came out each month, so I couldn't find all records need to make up the early charts. Later on when weekly issues came in the record limit has much less of an effect. As you may know I have already completed the lists of weekly records for 1965 and 1966. Which can be seen on the "When Records Were Released" part of this blog. With those in place I can now bring you the full charts for the year 1966 charts. There is also a PDF of the 1965 charts below. This is not yet quite complete as sales need to be added up on some of the records. But all weekly sales figures are present as are all the records, so if you have the time you can always do it yourselves! I have added up some of the best sellers, but again this is not complete.
Real Chart 1965 Full Charts version 1 New

Below is the first part of the 1966 charts, complete to the end of January. From now on in they will be going up at least one a week if possible. I have had to remove the 1965 charts as they slow the loading of the page down if I were to leave them on. But you can see all of them on the PDF above.   

More Charts soon!



  1. why is there always a big number of tracks selling 40k in these charts, but big changes around this mark?

  2. Hi Garry
    It seems to be a quark of the record buying public. At the very top you get the records that have the public going mad for. Then lower down the charts turn into sort of average sales. The 40K section if you like, further down sales drop off sometimes due to distribution, but also the fact that some records start appearing in other charts, sometimes which are not selling all that well. But the public hear about them and start buying them.

  3. Hello Graham any news on when the 1966 charts will be posted? Also is the list of top sellers of 1965 in near completion?

    1. Hi Kevin
      The person who added up the 1948 charts said he was going to do the same with the 1965 charts. I contacted him several months ago, but he has not been back in touch. I assume he's not been able to do them. I did add up all the sales for the ones after a certain period, when the sales symbols start being added, but the earlier ones still need to be done. So looks like I will have to do them.
      However I can start the 1966 charts. And will do so in the next few weeks.

  4. Hi Graham, looking forward to the 1966 charts (indeed, any charts from the 1950s, 1960s or 1970s). Really enjoy seeing these.

  5. If you were looking for the Embassy EP 1965 information, sorry but it has been removed. However you can find all the details on the V chart book file, see various artists on the file, situated on the This Week's Chart page.